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Welcome to the inaugural John O’Connor Writing School and literary arts festival 2016. The three-day festival will be hosted in some of Armagh’s most historic, graceful and inspiring buildings including the magnificent Georgian Armagh Public Library, the Market Street Library, the Market Place Theatre, the Charlemont Arms Hotel and upstairs at Armagh County Museum! The writing school in John O’Connor’s name is intended to mark the rediscovery of his highly acclaimed novel, Come Day Go Day and to involve people in the art of writing fiction, creative non-fiction and commercial communications. The three days promise to offer a unique mix of arts events, writing courses and Masterclasses which will provide something for everyone.
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Donations & Sponsors

The John O’Connor Writing School is a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects including additional pop-up classes for schools and students during the year. We rely entirely on donations, sponsorships and the support generously provided by public bodies including ABC Council and the arts Council for Northern Ireland. We are grateful for any sum you may be able to donate to help us continue the important work.


Please click on the donate button below to donate via PayPal.