Armagh’s Steinbeck
‘His extraordinary gift is to render the life of the Mill Row in Armagh as deftly and definitively as Steinbeck renders Cannery Row or Bob Dylan Desolation Row’
Paul Muldoon
Steeped in Armagh’s culture and literary heritage, John O’Connor wrote about the people and places he knew with such insight and verve, one critic marvelled at his ability to capture the, ‘wonder, danger and magic of ordinary days’.
Through them we meet a colourful cast of characters from this resilient community. We wade through flooded homes, absorb the vibrant, colourful language of the local Armagh dialect and share the excitement of a series of events, such as local hero Jim Macklin taking on the legendary Hammerman in a titanic battle of road bowling, Armagh’s traditional sport.
As the home of the John O’Connor Writing School and Literary Arts Programme, we welcome everyone to come and experience the magic and beauty of our historic city where literary figures – past, present and emerging – meet and mingle on the lively and hospitable streets.
Our multi-venue festival offers you the opportunity to experience iconic heritage sites like the Armagh Robinson Library, Milford House Collection, the Planetarium, alongside the vibrant and modern Marketplace Theatre and the Amma Centre, for example, while also experiencing the craic and vibrancy for the standpoint of our centre of operations – the Charlemont Arms Hotel.
Get a bird’s eye view of the historic city of Armagh in the Visit Armagh video below.
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